The TestMax Nutrition System By Clark Bartram Is A Meal Plan For Men Over 40

In essence, the TestMax Nutrition product is a weight loss system specifically designed with men over the age of forty in mind. The product’s creator is Clark Bartram, a Nutritional Expert, YouTube fitness icon, and most importantly for the purposes of this article, Bartram is also member of the Test Max Nutrition target audience – middle aged men.

The biggest challenge of staying fit that nearly all men face is a natural decrease in their own bodies ability to produce energy. Energy is critical for the promotion of muscle growth and bone mass, as well as a man’s general well being and the prevention of illnesses such as osteoporosis. A lack of energy and a failing drive for life can also be a symptom of decreasing energy levels.

The TestMax Nutrition system contains a meal plan and eating instructions specifically aiming to provide its user with the correct amount of energy boosting foods needed for a man of advancing years to stay trim and in shape. The program includes a full list of easily prepared recipes, instructions on how to prepare a week’s worth of healthy food in under an hour, advice on budgeting your food shopping, and access to a wide variety of exclusive training and cooking videos.

The Test Max Nutrition program is divided into three easily followed steps. The first thirty days of the program is a detox period, aiming to eliminate excess processed food chemicals. The second phase focuses on optimizing the user’s energy production via dietary adjustments over thirty days. Stage three is the beginning of a longer lasting lifestyle change, with a less extreme diet intended to benefit the user in the long term.

In addition, for a limited time TestMax Nutrition is available for 50% off. Free bonuses are included with this temporary offer, including a thirty-day period of free weekly recipe videos, a DVD set and instant online access. Clark Bartram also offers a sixty-day trial period and a 100% money back guarantee to all customers of the TestMax Nutrition system.

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