What is a halal meat certificate?

Halal International Authority (HIA) was founded in the 1990s and is growing constantly, at both personal and professional levels. In 2010, HIA was recognized on a global scale. From past 20 years, the authority is sharing its sweat with other same sector entities, such as Islamic Organizations and recognized Islamic specialists and all other professionals in the moral and ethical fields, due to which HIA is able to pursue its aims.

The objective of HIA includes certifying businesses with halal meat certificate, halal food certificate and certificates for distribution of halal products. The HIA came into existence due to the collaboration of lots of Islam Sharia learned men and scholars, who in the present day are operational with Halal International Shariah Board (HISB). The HISB is responsible for controlling the activity of HIA and looks after its goal and mission. The idea is to make sure businesses sell halal food to the Muslims.

The success of the HIA is due to the hard labor of the members of the authority, which has made it possible for it to get such huge success in the international market. The primary focus of HIA is to elucidate the procedures of certifying with the halal certificate, as they are required to be fulfilled by the same rules shared all around the world.


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