How To Become A Hippie?

1. Simply avoid drugs, drugs are for squares, hippies gave drugs up for the most part round precisely the same time the worldwide square dependence to substances began. Because their own grew drug lords and pushers could not make money off hippies. So the drug lords and pushers turned to hooking squares who were square to know how dangerous drugs were and are.

2. Listen to Hippie Music.

3. Drop out: Actually you should remain in school. You will get an instruction but still become a hippie. The education actually makes it possible to become more hip. The word "hip" means aware.

hippie philosophy

In other words, I looked before I leaped. I've never used drugs and now that's true of the majority of hippies. I'm cautious of triclosan for the same reason that I am wary of overuse of antibiotics although I never ceased taking baths — you are able to set up yourself for superinfection. I'm a Christian myself (or attempt to be) and am aware of the contradiction between free love and conventional views of relationships. I'm talking about this wait till union items. Even the most extreme sermon on the matter (Bill Gothard) is mainly according to his own reaction to the free love rebellion spirit of the 1960s-1970s, rather than being based on the Bible itself. The double standard that doesn't insist on man virginity is true of many religions not only Christianity. The Catholic churches of late don't freak out before marriage. I actually don't understand about Eastern Orthodox. As far as I am aware, in america of all faiths common , only Ultra -Orthodox Judaism places any value on virginity that is man. And that's my personal reaction to any conflict between my own personal religious beliefs and the free love thought that's (or was) a hallmark of hippie philosophy. You actually don't hear of other transmitted diseases or uncontrolled AIDS so many others must have independently come to conclusions much like mine.

Using the previously rambling and long preamble out of the way, here is hippie philosophy boiled down:

1. Do your own thing as long as you do not hurt anyone else.

2. The core "hippie" philosophy is staunchly aloof to politics and politicians. This places hippies who are quietists at the other pole from radicals who are activists. Hippies are apolitical or non-political.

4. utopianism — this leaves us vulnerable to religious cults

5. libertarianism having a lowercase l — Uppercase L is political and we aren't political and the other problem with Libertarianism with a capital L is that is leaves us vulnerable to authoritarian violent bullies. As long as we're on the subject of L, "live and let live" is fundamental hippie philosophy.

6. Don't trust the Establishment that, hippies part company with radicals

7. Free love that is safe — beyond the Sixties' free love thought, modern hippies now find love is safe and most prefer constancy to at least one stable group or a individual.

Note on the references to "vulnerable": It really is true that LSD was created by the CIA for purposes of mind control plus they tested upon middle class white kids that are American. Now is it feasible to be more wicked than to test upon children and also to develop mind control? Probably not. Genocide and slavery are in the bottom of the barrel so far as evil goes but this mind control stuff might as well be included in the record of worst sins. Tend not to take my word for it. Do your own research. Meet hippies online for a true friendship.


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