When Did Humans First Handsew Their Clothing?

Back before recorded history, humans never did sew their clothes together! People did not have sewing machines back then. Prehistoric humans used just to use animal skins or other similar materials and tied them to their bodies. This was a very inefficient way of wearing clothes, this kind of clothes never did last very long, nor where they very warm. For thousands of years, or at least since 60,000 years ago, people just tied fur around the bodies. No one had invented the needle or thread yet.

The about 45,000 years ago, the ancient people started to putting holes into their clothes. They tied strings between these holes to keep their pieces of animal skin and fur together. This was a huge improvement to just putting on animal skins on the body. These holes allowed primitive garments to be constructed. It was not exactly the modern needle or thread, but it was a good start. Though would take a long time for more innovation to come.

Then around 5,000 years later, people started to poke holes with the sticks that they used to thread animal skins together. Usually, these sticks were made out of bone, wood or stone. This is probably what would be considered the first true needle and thread. Scientists think that this type of sewing was the first time that humans started to hand sew their clothes.

It is difficult to accurately any exact locations and dates, but researchers have uncovered these needle tools and other preserved thread from locations around China and Asia. These types of thread were usually made from animal skin or gristle.

So, there you have it. Humans first started to hand sew their clothes almost 40,000 years ago. That is a very long time ago, which makes you glad we have modern inventions like the sewing machine that you can easily find one from online stores like QuiltersChoices. This kind of tool helps us sew clothes and other projects effectively.

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