What to Consider Choosing a BIN Checker

1. Accuracy of the software

Many online BIN databases do not provide accurate information, which is essential in matching billing and card information. You should avoid such softwares, since the owners are only interested in making money from customers who are unsuspecting. Choosing a BIN checker, you should use only the one with accuracy of 99-100% in matching information provided. BIN checkers with low accuracy are likely to allow fraud transactions to take place, which will at the end cost your business.

2. User  friendly

The BIN checker you settle for should be user friendly. The features of the software should be easy to use and should not require technical knowledge. The BIN checker should be easy to use to all users and newbie internet users. Besides, you should easily set up the BIN checker.

3. BIN checker Database

Different BIN checkers have different database sizes. You should purchase a BIN checker with large database of upto 140,000 BIN records and as many banks as possible. A small database cannot validate all transactions; hence need to keep on updating.

4. Business future

It is important to consider the future of your business before you purchase a BIN checker. The BIN checker should meet your business future needs.  Besides, it should have a demo of testing the features before you purchase.

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