How to Look for Digital Transcription Jobs?

Some hospitals choose to recruit home-based transcriptionists on their own. I think that supervising and recruiting transcriptionists requires a unique set of skills. I assume many people who find a career like this start out as transcriptionists themselves.     

I usually see one or two transcriptionists advertising themselves when I look through the feeds that are set up to bring me employers looking for transcriptionists. I am curious as to how successful this strategy can be. I think that it is worth a try if you have some exceptional skills and knowledge in the field of digital transcription.

It is actually better to avoid night-shift jobs though. Working at night can have a physical and social cost for an individual. I have worked outside of the home in almost every shift arrangement known to man. You lose out on quality time with your family. You may have to give up on some evening social activities. However, some people thrive on night work.

I use some pretty good software to perform a targeted search for digital transcription jobs from thousands of different sources. I still get quite a bit of stuff that isn’t exactly what I was looking for. I mostly look for a job opportunity that is very well written and appears to be from some kind of academic background.


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