Some Tips For Training A Harrier

Originally, the Harrier dog was bred to be hunting dogs, therefore they were born with a lot of energy and stamina. They also know how to think for themselves, as there are many situations in a hunt where they will have to act fast, or else the prey is going to get away before the owner comes. These traits are obviously good for hunting, however, you may find them hard when training these dogs. To train them, you will have to provide them with a lot of exercises, or else they will feel bored and become destructive. A High protein dog food for pitbulls can also prevent this problem from happening. 

They are quite different from other dogs as even though they do love you, they do not demand your attention. They can entertain themselves quite well, actually. Then the only job left for you to do is to keep them understand that their idea of entertainment is something appropriate, it should not be chewing your rug, it should not be hiding your shoes, it should not be trying to escape from the house, and it should definitely not be trying to destroy the Best Automatic Dog Feeder.

As independent as these dogs are, sometimes they can be quite stubborn. Should this ever happen, you must implant obedience training for the dog. As they have much stamina and energy packed in their bodies, they will do well in many performances, for example, agility or rally. They will not get hyperactive, which is a plus point. other things that would suit their exercising time including jogging, bicycling or hiking. Of course, you will have to join these activities with the dogs.

In the house, these dogs will be quite inactive, though, therefore some people may think they can live well in an apartment. This is not true because they only stay inactive after a sweating session of activity. 

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