4 Effective tips on Web Design For Businesses

Creating a design that is both usable and appealing, one that is technically sound yet visually coherent; these are the challenges that most web designers (mostly self-taught) often face. However, none of this changes the fact that a great website design is essential for increased visibility which is basically the cornerstone of the online industry. Keeping in mind that there aren't any magic pills that will make your website a hotspot, below are some great tips on how to make a site more user friendly and keep them coming back for more.

1. Consistency

Just as detrimental as spelling mistakes are to an essay, inconsistencies are to a web design. You want to create a theme that makes your design coherent on the same page and between pages, making everything match, from headers straight down to the illustration styles. Not only will this increase the perception of quality but it also brings about a sense of orderliness much desired by the visitors. So how do you maintain consistency? Well, the most effective way is to ensure you stick to the decisions made, that is, after carefully drafting the a plan that works.

2. Functionality

This may not come as news to you but web design is clearly not about pretty pictures and flashy graphics alone. As much as there is a need to create an appealing web design for businesses, the usability of the design takes first place. For instance, in making a web design usable you need to adhere to set standards; failing to give people what they expect only works to confuse them. Take this example; most people expect any underlined text to be a link, therefore doing otherwise works to spur confusion. On the same line, you also need to consider the needs of the user, when they visit the site, what do they do? In adhering to these points, chances are your site will provide the users with the ultimate web experience.

3. Design to Build

Although things have gotten a lot easier since the transition to CSS layouts, the need to build sites cannot be overemphasized. In creating web designs for businesses there is need to consider whether some feats can actually be made practical. So you want an amazing font for your body copy but is it a standard HTML font? Sure you have an impressive design but is it 1100px wide and will it provide a horizontal scroller for most of the visitors? Simply put, it is important to know where the line is and whether crossing it will indeed produce practical results.

4. Good Navigation is key

Most of the people who have ever been lost in a new town or city will be all too willing to point out that it wasn't one of their best experiences. The same applies to web sites, not being able to find your way around a site can be equally frustrating, reason why web design for businesses should always incorporate good navigation. The use of anchor links and a table of content are some of the features that work to make navigation a little easier for everyone.

Web design can be deceptively difficult but this doesn't mean your visitors have to tolerate a poorly designed website. Use the above tips on how to improve web design for businesses and watch as the traffic starts flooding in. 

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