Thoughts on Nurturing and Keeping a Friendship

Friendship is commonly defined as "a relationship between two or more friends". Typically the direction that the companionship takes really depends upon the parties involved and how much they value the relationship. Listed here are my top thoughts on nurturing and keeping a friend:

1) Be yourself- Do not try to be like someone otherwise, you are special just as you are. Each person on this planet is God's unique skillfulness. Company accepts this and does not try to change you into what he or she wants that is a friend. For more tips on friendship you can click on to stylenest online.

2) Be honest- Honesty in a relationship builds trust and confidence between parties involved. One will be aware of from the onset that the person he/she is coping with can be reliable. In this way, the relationship will grow more robust without the hidden concerns over whether or not one's intimate secrets are safe.

3) Be open- The before you let known your values and attributes, the better. This will ensure minimum misunderstandings along the way and ultimately, respect is gained and maintained. Each person will respect another and keep it that way.

4) Be thankful- It is important that you don't take anything for granted; be grateful for the buddy that you have and show it too. The little such things as obtaining a telephone call should be appreciated because speculate if this trade gone out of his/her way to keep the connection.


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