Role of servo motors

A servo motor is innovative, a state of the art rotary actuator, which provides an enhanced control of angular velocity, position and the angular acceleration. The arrangement comprises specially designed motor, joined to the sensor for an effective position feedback. A dedicated module, specifically designed for working as a sophisticated controller is attached to the servo motor.

Servo motors are extensively used in a variety of applications. The descendants like 9G Servo motors have been designed to bring great efficiency in remote controlled and operated toy cars, robots and airplanes. There are many types of industrial applications wherein you find the extensive use of these individual motors. The key industrial segments include in-line manufacturing, pharmaceutics, robotics and food services. To put in short, these small-sized motors are energy efficient and bring the real good effect. You can also come across the use of these types of motors in CNC machinery or automated manufacturing.

Talking in a practical sense, the servo motor comprises a small DC motor, potentiometer and a control circuit. The entire motor is attached with the help of gears for controlling the wheel. When the motor starts rotating, a change in potentiometer resistance is recorded.

The motor is operated in an appropriate direction, with the motor shaft in the desired position. This desired position is set with the help of electrical pulses through signal wire. The entire arrangement of a motor is designed in the manner such that it runs only until the task is completed. 

There are servo motors serving the needs of small industrial sectors. These are the electronically commutated brushless motors. 

The simply designed servo motors make use of position-only sensing. This type of motor is used in radio controlled models. The sophisticated designs of these motors precisely measure the position as well as the speed of output shaft.

The advanced servo motors available in the market are being constructed on the concept dedicated controller module. Micro controllers are also being developed and quite prominent, with the purpose to bring sufficient reduction in costs and to increase the production volume.

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