The Best Online Business to Start in 2013

Are you considering taking the leap and starting your own business in 2013? While choosing a business idea that naturally appeals to you and your skills should be foremost on your mind, taking a look at 2013 market trends is also a good idea. After all, maybe one of the best business to start in 2013 is right down your alley, you maybe the following business ideas can inspire you to find the perfect entrepreneurship idea for you. With the worst of the economic crisis hopefully over, 2013 is a year full of potential for self-employed business ideas.

Niche Online Travel Agency

While it’s true that the travel and holiday industry has been negatively affected by the recession, there is a big gap in the market for niche travel agencies that cater to an audience that are really specific about what they get for their money, and want their holidays to be perfect and special. From holidays with pets to cultural trips around a theme, hobby or interest or travel agencies that focus on exclusive and niche audiences, if you are interested in the hospitality industry this may be the year to take the leap. The key is avoiding expenses by launching your niche online travel agency online, instead of hiring a lot of staff and spending significant amounts of money renting a prime location for your new business.

Social Games Development

For those technically minded and able to develop online programs, the social media gaming industry is still on the rise and presents huge opportunities for small newcomers with a catchy product to make money. However, and unlike in 2012, this industry is moving towards mobiles and tablets instead of desktops, so technologies that allow you to create a game for a variety of platforms are a must. If you aren’t sure about your game idea, you can start with a low cost, prototype version and expand the available features if it’s successful, or take a look at crowd founding in order to get financial backing for a more complex game.


Dropshipping offers you the possibility of starting an online store selling third party products, but without having to worry about fulfilment. Instead of having to pay a large amount of money upfront to buy stock, you can sell third-party products and place the order only when you have made a sale, which is perfect for the cash strapped entrepreneur that doesn’t want to be involved in maintaining a huge inventory at a warehouse. However, in order to be successful dropshipping in 2013 you will need to find high quality products for sale that aren’t already readily available, and build an e-commerce store that impresses would be clients. The times of just placing stuff for sale on EBay for a ridiculous margin are over, with the market filled with highly competitive importers with bigger margins than yours dropping the prices.

Translation Services

Never before the world has been so global, and as such people fluent on several languages have a strong edge when starting a business in 2013. High quality translation services are now more necessary than ever, with more and more businesses trying to target foreign markets where cultural awareness is extremely important. A translation services business is easy to set up from the comfort of your home, and doesn’t require much more than an internet connection and language skills, though in order to increase your margins professional translation software can be really helpful.

If you want to start an online business, don’t let 2013 pass you by. With the lives of more and more people centred around the Internet, making it big online offering high quality services is easier than ever.

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