Why Colocation Presents A More Resilient Choice

If there is one thing that natural disasters such as the recent floods that hit large parts of the UK have taught us, it is that it is a good idea to host servers in a remote location. Colocation provides businesses and individuals with easy access to a remote provider without incurring all of the fees that are typically associated with hosting a server offsite. In fact, it is one of the most cost efficient and reliable options for anyone who needs to keep their server up and running at all times.

What Exactly is Colocation?

When you decide to choose a colocation option, you will be required to bring your physical server machine with you. In some cases, however, you can also choose to rent a server machine if necessary. Your server will be placed directly into the colocation provider’s rack, and you will be able to share their bandwidth. There are several advantages to doing this, and some of the most notable ones are included in the following list.

Reasons to Use a Colocation Provider

1) Access to Bigger Bandwidth – If you want to run a server from your office or home, it will cost at least £150 to obtain a business grade limited bandwidth DSL line. This line will get your server online, but it is going to be much slower than most people would prefer. For approximately the same cost, you can use a colocation provider and receive access to a vastly superior bandwidth grade.

2) Less Downtime – If your business is damaged by a natural disaster or other catastrophe, your website could be down for several days. Instead of taking this risk, you can choose colocation to enhance your chances of having a stable server. Even if the provider’s location loses power, they will have the necessary resources to run a large enough generator to get your server back online very quickly.

3) You can Save on IT Expenses – The majority of providers have an optional package that will enable you to remain hands off from the process of maintaining your server. Not only is this a bonus for businesses or individuals who are located far away from the colocation centre, but it can also reduce your IT staffing needs.

4) Upgrades Happen in Your Time Frame – If you rent a server from another provider, you will have to wait for them to be ready to perform an upgrade before your server will be brought up to speed. With colocation, however, you have the ability to pull your server our and update it at any time.

5) It is Easier to Relocate – When a business decides to move, they often deal with at least a couple of days of server downtime. Instead of worrying about this problem, you can complete your move without having any interruptions because your server is not located in your office.

6) Additional Security – A colocation facility has enhanced security measures in place to ensure that no one’s server is damaged, hacked or stolen.

In addition to the six reasons listed above, it is quite simply easier for most businesses to operate more efficiently if they are able to maximize their available space. By storing your server at a colocation centre, you will be able to free up space while also improving customer satisfaction with faster website load times.

Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance writer with interests in technology, small business and communications. Websites such as www.londoncolocation.com provide details of data centre providers across the UK and Europe. With hosting for your business website being such an important consideration, you should research the market thoroughly to ensure you find the right provider.

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