Still Not Using AdWords? 5 Proven Perks They Can Provide For Any Online Business

In spite of the fact that almost everyone involved in the online business niche has heard of the infamous Google AdWords, the truth is that few of them actually acknowledge how this amazingly tool can work in their favor. While you might argue that PPC campaigns in general demand a lot of effort and money, it is necessary to highlight the fact that both these resources are actually well spent. To put it simply, AdWords is among the few efficient tools for pay-per-click campaigns that permit you to evaluate the ROI. And that’s not the only thing this priceless tool can do for your business, so read on!

The paid ads are spearheading the SERPs

In case you are not convinced regarding the previous statement, then all it takes is a query on the major search engines. Considering that AdWords is Google’s baby, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that they are trying to put it to good use. Therefore, in the event that you established a decent budget for marketing and your niche integrates high commercial intent, investing in pay-per-click campaigns could actually bring you a hefty ROI. On a side note, the biggest advantage for the aforementioned situation is that you will not get charged unless you get traffic.

Provides much faster results

Even though organic SEO strategies are the darlings of search engines, the problem here is that it will take some time before you can actually see satisfactory results. Because it takes time to establish yourself as an authority and since you will face quite a bit of competition, you cannot afford not to integrate PPC campaigns in your marketing strategies. At least this way you won’t have to wait too long until you see some results.


When it comes to flexibility and fine customization for your ads campaign, it is sufficient to state that you will not really need more than AdWords. From being able to select the time of the day when your ads show to the prospect of including your company’s contact details and leverage the display network, the possibilities with AdWords are endless.

Driven traffic could convert better than its organic counterpart

Without trying to minimize the importance of organic traffic, which by the way is the heart and soul of the online business environment, it is important to note that evidence shows paid search traffic comes with better conversion rates. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is due to the better targeting that AdWords is capable of. While the conversions will vary from industry to industry, you will not know whether it applies to yours unless you give PPC campaigns a chance.

It’s perfect for the target keywords you can’t rank organically

As you will find out on your own, if you haven’t done so already, at times it seems impossible to rank for a certain keyword in spite of your best efforts. In short, the competition on some keywords is just too high to achieve anything. However, you could get more than decent traffic if you use a more general keyword in a smart PPC campaign.

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