Simple Security, Safety and Comfort Tips for your Home or Business

Security is a necessary part of life; whether you need security within your relationships, your residence or within your job; we all seek security. It’s only natural to think ‘nothing could possibly happen in our neighborhood’, but it’s impossible to be sure and that’s why it is important to take the required steps in order to make your home (or business) as safe as possible; for you and the rest of your family. Safety and comfort play a large role in the security of all aspects of life and today we are going to combine all three to help keep your homes as secure, safe and comfortable as possible, without much work required on your part.

Keeping the Good in and the Bad Out: Doors

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Having the right type of doors is critical for any home, or business. Doors that are cheaply made and don’t have the right features for your needs can only get you so far. Invest in doors that are much more secure and you’ll be able to sleep better at night.

For starters, having a dead bolt is better than not having one at all. It is extremely easy for someone to break in to a door that only has a lock on the handle. Depending on the type of door, simply sliding a credit card or ID ‘just right’ between the door frame and door itself (or even twisting a paperclip  in the hole of the handle) can allow unwanted, quick and easy entry. Do not limit yourself to a single dead bolt, either. You can have as many locking points on your door as will fit, if you so choose.

If dead bolts just aren’t cutting it for you and more seems necessary, a security door lock may be in order. The 1Touch IQ2 Fingerprint Door Lock is a great choice, which also allows you to set up fingerprint recognition. This means no more fumbling for keys and a lock you can trust, because this bad boy isn’t exactly ‘easy to pick’. So, if you’re wondering whether or not you should fork out that kind of cash, a few hundred dollars is a minor downside when compared to the comfort of knowing all the people and items inside your home are safe and sound.

Have glass doors? This can make things a bit trickier. In this case, you may want to either install a sturdier door, minus the windows, or invest in a nice home security system that will be able to detect when windows have been either broken or opened. Such systems are known as ‘window alarm centers’ and will sound when there is suspicious activity.

Windows are Just as Important


What would a home be without windows? While windows are fantastic as far as making our homes light, bright and energetic, they can also be dangerous. Making sure your windows have proper locking systems is important. During the summer months when you have them cracked to let some fresh air in; the last thing you need are unwanted visitors (such as flies or mosquitoes) making their way inside. Now is the perfect time of year to fix up those old fly screens, checking for holes or imperfections and getting them either fixed or tossed so new ones can be put in their place. When summer comes around, you’re going to have enough to do as it is.

If you are looking for a bit more privacy in your home or business, it may be time to look into etched glass or one-way glass windows. Etched glass is great for those areas that you want to keep hidden. This style of window allows for light to enter the location but minimizes visibility (especially from a distance), so you can keep your most prized possessions out of sight. One-way glass is perfect for those situations where you simply don’t want people to be able to see in but would like to see out. These windows are partially transparent, giving you more control over your house or your company.

For those of you who live in an old home or have a business that has been around for quite some time now, it may be time to update your windows. Not only is old glass a safety hazard because of its weakened state but it also causes a lot of temperature loss. Upgrading your windows, or even moving up to double-pane may be the best option to help save money.

Chad Murray is the owner of a well known and reputable security firm in Australia. His company is one of the top manufacturers of customized Windows & Security Products in Karratha Western Australia. Rugby is his favourite sport. He also loves to read classics.

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