5 Things You Need To Be Much More Productive In Your Home Office

Sooner or later you have to make a choice. You can continue the way you’re going, or you can crank your business up a notch. There’s plenty of ways to take your business to the next level and you’ve probably heard about a lot of them, but one way is to be more productive. If you get more done during the day you should theoretically make more money. Start making more money and you’re going to enjoy working more. Enjoy working more and you’ll be a lot more productive. It’s like one giant circle that keeps going round and round.

If you’ve ever worked in an office before you know they have deep wallets and can buy lots of great equipment. The reason they buy it isn’t because they like spending money. They know great equipment will increase the amount of things you get done. When you work from home it’s sometimes easy to forget this. You care more about saving money than spending it on new office toys. You could possibly be shooting yourself in the foot, because once you have new toys and are more productive you will make more money. Let’s have a look at what could help you speed things up.

A shredding machine

People always forget about a shredder. It’s hard to think why because they know important documents need to be destroyed. Get some important mail from a client and let it get into the wrong hands. That’s when you’ll know what trouble is. It doesn’t even need to be one of those massive ones you see in an office. Just something you can put the paper into to shred. Instead you probably spend a lot of time trying to rip stuff up when you don’t need to.

A good printer

Notice I said good printer. This means you can’t have one that’s ancient and spits out paper at a shockingly slow rate. When you need to print out lots of stuff it’s so much easier when you hit print and it’s already lying there before you can get to it. When you have a big queue building up it’s really annoying trying to shift your mind onto something else while you wait for stuff to print.

An extra monitor

Who said one monitor was good enough? Probably someone who has never used two before. Even if you’re not a programmer or designer you could really benefit from using an extra monitor. How many tabs do you have open it any point in the day? I bet it’s more than one. It’s much more productive when you don’t need to play about with clicking tabs all the time. There’s always something you want to keep open.

A comfortable chair

It’s not nice trying to get comfortable every 2 minutes. Imagine what it must feel like for all those people who love sitting in their chair. They don’t even think about moving around or getting comfy. They can work away quite happily because their backside doesn’t feel like it’s on fire. You also want a chair that swivels around. Any other chair for work purposes should be banned, because you spend so much time trying to squeeze yourself out when you need to reach something.

A big whiteboard

Everyone needs to write things down and using paper is horrible. You end up losing everything and spending ages searching for what you’ve wrote. Stick a big whiteboard up on the back wall and you can turn around at any time to write on it. It means all your important things you need to remember are viewable at the same time. You can make them as big as you want. If you want to be really productive you can stick your to-do-list on there.

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