5 Ways for SMEs to Win More Business

For small and medium businesses, winning new work is an essential part of life. However, because of tough economic conditions and other factors, it can be increasingly hard to do so and every advantage is important and can leverage success in their direction. So, how can you get more work and achieve more success? Well, here are 5 ways for SMEs to win more business.

Quality Matters

By offering a quality service or good, that potential customers know is of a high standard a business can really help itself. Standards such as the ISO and other specific industry related awards are a great way to showcase the high service and quality of goods your business is famed for. Enter yourself for industry awards, strive to gain quality recognition and certification and make sure to showcase it.

Social Media

Whether you want to attract more business, give a good, positive showing of your business and what it does, or hire the best and brightest in your industry; social media matters. Whether you use the tools, trains someone in house to use them or just outsource to a large marketing company; social media can make or break your business. It allows you to give the best account of yourself, show case your abilities and overall win more business.

Bid Writing

Tenders are so important to small businesses and can really benefit them when they go for those big jobs. Of course, we all know that with some cases, big businesses have the advantage, however a good tender writing company can help your level the playing field and really benefit your company by helping them win more work.

Broaden Horizons

A lot of businesses are quite rigid in their structure, however by broadening their horizons they often stand at winning a lot more business. For many companies this may merely involve transferring most of their skills to a new area, while learning a few. This can create unparalleled opportunities and mean a raft of new business. By keeping up with wider trends in your industry and adapting to those you deem worthwhile you may be surprised at the number of opportunities that rear their heads.


Business consultants can offer you a whole new pair of eyes and really allow you to see where your business could easily move to. Though, it can often cost a relatively large amount of money; this cash is often recouped within months and can set the foundation for something more worthwhile.

Being open and receptive to change, trying new things and keeping your eyes open are the best ways to really increase your business. The more you do, the more relevant you are and the better the quality of your product, the more new business your SME gets.

Cormac Reynolds writes for Snap Edition a UK tender writing company that helps small businesses punch well and above their weight.

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