Small Business Tips: How to Make The Most of Your Bar

You opened a bar because of the appeal and cache of having your own cool space in which to entertain friends and strangers, have a few drinks, hang out and have some fun. For many it is the ultimate dream. Unfortunately, for a lot is also one that is doomed to failure because the idea of a smooth running, packed place full of fun and good times is one that in reality it is much more difficult to make come true.

Brand You Bar Accordingly

There is no use opening an up-scale bar in an area where the people just don’t fit the demographic of the clientele you are trying to attract. Just because your place looks great doesn’t mean that people are going to go. A lot of the locals won’t be able to afford the drinks, or they will feel uncomfortable in the over fancy surroundings, and those who would like to be inside might not like the journey to get there! On the same lines, be clear about exactly what kind of bar yours is. If it’s a sports bar, go all out and make it that. If it’s a cocktail bar, brilliant, but don’t get stuck somewhere in the middle. If you aren’t sure what kind of bar you’ve got, how will the customers be able to feel comfortable in there?

The Staff

Don’t fall into the trap of hiring the best looking people when they come in for interview. They might look amazing, but do they have any personality? A supermodel bartender with two good friends does not compare to a good looking bartender that has 100 friends! These people are essential to the running of your establishment. If you want a full-on fun party time atmosphere, the bartenders need to be that kind of person. If you want a more understated, civilised kind of ambiance, you probably don’t want the kid with green hair and face tattoos serving the mojitos…


You’ve got to have it and it doesn’t matter what kind of bar it is that you own. Music is essential and it needs to be correctly chosen, and probably not by you! This goes back to the staff; if you hired right, then you should be able to trust them to choose the playlist that suits the night. And if your place is in a city centre hit-spot, get a DJ in, at least on the weekend. There are so many frustrated musicians in every town and city just dying to showcase their skills to a receptive audience that it is a sin to let a willing, often cheap or free, worker go a missing. Again, take advice on this; place an ad and pass around the samples that you will undoubtedly get sent in response. If you get this right, you get your bar bouncing!

The style is spot-on. The staff are prefect. Everybody is happy. The drinks are flowing, the music is pumping, and it is the end of another night in paradise; now it’s time for the dirty work!

Unfortunately there are clouds even in heaven. You have to got to keep on top of the cleanliness of your bar. A lot of people claim to want the authentic feel of a dive bar, but make sure you prevent the bar-tops and the bar floor from getting wet. It’s a priority for all to enjoy, but it’s equally important that the staff all know that when the music stops, the cleaning up begins so that you can do it all again tomorrow!

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