How to Write a Great Job Advert to Attract Great Staff

Many small business owners will account for the fact that without a great team behind them, their business may not be as successful as it is today. Recruitment decisions are amongst the most important business decisions that a managing director can make. Having the wrong person in the company can cost time wasted on training and money wasted on salary, and at the very worst be damaging to the reputation of the business.

Be Clear about your Requirements

Recruitment can be a very time consuming process for Managing Directors trying to juggle their many tasks. A first step in recruiting is to imagine the type of person that you need in your business and then write a job description tailored to those skills and personality traits that you are looking for. Without a clear vision of what the new recruit should be doing day to day, and the type of person they need to be to fit in with your team, it is near on impossible to shortlist job applications effectively.

Deter Poor Quality Applicants

A lot of recruiters make the mistake of putting up a dull or vague job advert on a free jobs board, and in return for this lack of investment into recruiting; the applications they receive are dull and vague too.

As unemployment is a problem during a global recession, job seekers are getting desperate and applying for anything and everything they see advertised. As a recruiter, you want to be sure that candidates are applying for your role because they have a true interest in your business; want to work in your industry, and have the skills and experience that you are looking for.

In order to deter have-a-go applicants, a precise and carefully thought out job advert is essential.

  • Don’t just copy and paste the job description, but use it as the foundation for your advert.
  • Take out any terms that are internal jargon, but leave in those that are industry specific.
  • Start by introducing your company – what you stand for and what you do, who your customers are, how big your team is.
  • List the qualities that you are looking for. Avoid terms like “young” and “bright” as these can be interpreted as discriminatory. Words like focused or organised are always good.
  • Tell potential applicants a bit about what they will be doing day to day.
  • Be specific about how to apply. If you will only look at applications supported by a covering letter, state this in the advert.
  • Let potential applicants know what’s great about working for your company. This helps to find people that have something in common with your team. If you socialise a lot, let them know that.

Spend Time Creating an Engaging Advert

Spending time creating an engaging and descriptive job advert will save hours of time deleting emails from poor quality applicants, going back to applicants asking questions, and ultimately will save time and money because you will only be interviewing people that already meet your tight description.

Be sure to place your advert where the type of people you are looking for will see it. Professional recruitment advertising encourages professional applicants, but cheapening your advert by placing it amongst general classifieds and cars for sale may not bring in the best quality candidates.

Phillip was in the HR department for a large patent attorneys for some years, but is now the managing director of his own growing business, as he wanted a greater challenge to satisfy his ambitions.

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