6 Creative Ways to Successfully Use Instagram for Business

By now, you’re probably sick of hearing how you should be using Facebook or Twitter for your business. In the world of social media, these two networks are the elderly, and you want to reach your target audience with young and exciting tactics. This is why your business needs to join Instagram.

Instagram is a very popular social networking tool, especially among the younger demographics. Most businesses stay away from Instagram because they don’t understand how an image-sharing website can be beneficial to their business. But Instagram can serve as a phenomenal marketing tool, especially if you use it in the following ways.

1. Feature your products or services.

People love images. An image will serve as that initial attraction to your company’s products or services, so make sure that you’re using images of what your company has to offer and posting it to Instagram. This will help your current and potential customers learn more about what you have to offer, and it could also interest them enough to consider making a purchase from your company.

2. Show the inner workings of your company.

Use Instagram to give your followers a “day in life” sneak peek of what it’s like to work at your company. Give them behind the scenes tours of your company, take funny pictures of your employees, and simply show them what makes your company work. Doing this will allow your followers to see your company as more personable instead of so brick and mortar, and they’ll thoroughly enjoy getting to know you.

3. Highlight how your products are made.

Go behind the scenes again and show your followers how your products are manufactured. You would be surprised at how much interest this everyday aspect of your business can be to your customers. Plus, it gives them that extra sense of security that your products use high quality materials and are manufactured with safety in mind.

4. Show off your events, tradeshows and conferences.

Is your company hosting or attending an event? Take pictures and post them to Instagram to give your followers an inside look at where you are and what you’re doing. You can use these images to show them what you’ve learned  or what events/charities you partner with.

5. Teach your followers how to use your products.

Use Instagram as a teaching platform and show your followers how they can use your products or how your products can benefit them. If your product will help your customers create something, show them the end result. If your product is more versatile, give your followers an inside look at all the different ways your product can be used—especially those that are the most uncommon.

 6. Get creative.

The more creative you can be with your Instagram photos, the more entertaining they will be to your followers, and the more interest they will produce.

 Instagram is a great way to land in front of your audience and generate interest in your company. There are plenty of different images you can take and feature that will be beneficial to your business; you just need to start taking pictures.

Lauren Williams is an SEO consultant and writer for SEOMap – the keyword strategy experts.

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