Why Document Management Matters For Your Business

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Small businesses have often a difficult time keeping accurate records and documentation. Things are printed, filed and stored in computer hard drives, often in a very disorganized fashion because, let’s admit it, who has time to fix and organize a document library when you have two deadlines pending and a client taking your time on the phone. Invoices, interesting articles that you’ll never find again, contracts, pictures; they are never where you think you put them. Unless you are using document management software, you may find yourself wasting too much time searching on your emails for that crucial bit of data or trying to collaborate with employees. Information gets lost, misplaced, and that costs money.


Established document management brands such as Ademero work with businesses to solve this sort of issue, and offer software solutions to manage, organize and share your business documents. Their services include implementing, migrating and converting existing document libraries, making digital copies of printed documents. But their flagship product is Content Central, a full hosted document management solution. But what does that mean?

Well, to start with, Content Central keeps your data safe and secure on a server (or several ones!), instead of on your office or email account. But that’s just the beginning. This data is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, so you can work when you are on the move. At a client’s and just noticed you forgot to bring some important paper? You just need a computer with a browser and you can get a digital copy right away. But having the data available is only the beginning, and let’s admit it, something that, in theory, you could accomplish with some online storage space. Document management goes way beyond that.


Ademero’s Content Central allows you to capture new content from all sorts of document formats: from PDF forms to scanners, email accounts or just cut&pasting. This content is then indexed and becomes available from any computer with a browser. But content is not shared with all other users on your business automatically, you can use Content Central to set up complex (or simple) approval processes and workflows, so access and sharing is controlled. It also allows users to collaborate and share documents, which is invaluable when you have a middle size business with several employees, all needing access to documents.

Content Central also integrates with many other software products, from accounting suites to Microsoft Office. This means it is easy to implement and won’t require you or your employees to learn a complex new system. In fact, learning how to use Content Central is as easy as dropping documents on a folder, or mailing them, and letting the Catalog Service capture and index it. You can even access different versions of a document, in an easy to use version control and workflow system. Documents can be grouped in Packets, which allows you to create collections accessible to particular users, for example.

Ademero’s Content Central is available as a cloud service, where you only pay for the number of users you require. So whether you are a one-man business or something larger you can benefit from having your business information safe, organized, categorised and accessible online. The days of wasting time trying to find an email with an important attachment are over! Check out Ademero’s website for more information, or tell your boss how much time it would save you, and how many human errors could be prevented! Ademero’s Support and Assistance team, available 24h a day, can help you implement this innovative solution and solve all your doubts.

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