Keep Your Business Portable with Small Laptops

The world has gone mobile and businesses are turning to technology to keep up with it. Laptops are one way companies can go on the road and still get the benefits of the Internet and multimedia marketing. Customers respond to a personal touch and that requires at the door service. Look at some ways you can use small laptops to expand the portability of your business.

Take It on the Road

One drawback of taking your business on the road is paperwork. A computer is the modern-day version of an accordion folder. Business people used to keep everything encased inside a briefcase. It was hard to find the right presentation for one customer without messing up the paperwork for the next one. Laptop computers allow businesses to lose the heavy, overcrowded luggage. One slim machine takes the place of ledgers, inventory lists, calculators and the old fashion address book. Portable is no longer leaving a paper trail. It is streamline and efficient.

On the Road Processing

Cloud technology provides companies with a storage facility that any employee with a computer can access from outside the office. With so many businesses moving their work into the cloud, computers allow you to create invoices and purchase orders while on the road. It is no longer necessary to call the office and have someone fax documents over – you have everything you need handy. While visiting a customer, you can discuss the latest invoice face to face. If you need a copy of a shipping document or order slip, access it while the customer is watching and send a copy to email for his records. At the same time, work on the next order by creating a purchase order.

Present It with Style

Whether you are displaying a portfolio or giving a presentation, use a portable computer to add multimedia style. Create dynamic slide shows using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, and then hook the laptop up to a projector to add excitement and vivid color to your presentation. Post a video on YouTube introducing key personal in the office and show it on your computer to personalize the service. With a little imagination, a laptop becomes a powerful tool to promote your work while travelling. Take that vacation you have needed for the last 10 years with a laptop that allows you to stay on top of the office while away. Have a meeting with five people at once by networking online as you sit at the local coffee shop drinking a latte. No matter how you look at it, small laptops are an extension that makes the office portable.

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