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Video Marketing Masterclass: Employer Engagement Videos

When it comes to recruiting fresh talent, smart businesses are using strategies previously reserved for the recruitment of new clients and new business. It should come as little surprise though. After all, your employees are your most valuable assets, and finding and retaining the best staff can be as competitive as finding and retaining new […]

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Five Ways of getting your Customers to Recommend your Products

Word of mouth is the holy grail of advertisement, since customers are much more likely to purchase a product if it comes recommended by a friend, family or a source of information they trust such a niche blog. For this reason, many websites focus on buzz marketing as a way of spreading the word about […]

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How to Create a Successful Book Marketing Campaign

Whether you are the author of a newly written book or the person in charge of increasing its sales, book marketing can be a challenge. Online self-publishing platforms have encouraged lots of people to write and publish books by themselves on a variety of subjects, and the Internet public is spoilt for choice. But the […]

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Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn, frequent mistakes

LinkedIn can be a great place for business to business marketing, and many companies are taking advantage of it creating profiles and sharing content or expertise. However, LinkedIn has quite strict rules, and there’s a series of frequent mistakes that can result on your account being removed, or your potential clients being alienated and unhappy. […]

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Cost per Lead vs Cost per Acquisition

Cost per lead and cost per acquisition are two vital parameters to evaluate the performance of a marketing campaign of any type, since it allows you to compare the real cost from a campaign and the revenue generated by it. A very cheap campaign can be actually more costly than a more expensive one if […]

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