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Why Your Small Business Should Consider Leasing Equipment Rather Than Buying It

Leasing has become a popular way for small businesses to procure equipment in a cost-effective way. You can lease equipment instead of purchasing it, by entering a contract with an equipment provider on which you have a right to use the equipment for your business, but without owning it outright. You are, in fact, renting […]

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PPC Search Engine Placement – The Basics

A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is a set of ads associated with one or several keywords and demographics and a maximum bid per click for each of them. A click on the same ad can cost different amounts of money depending on the competition for the keyword that triggered it. When a user visits a website […]

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Social Network Marketing – Which Will Account for Better Leads, Twitter or Facebook?

Using Twitter or Facebook to promote your business mostly depends on your business niche, your personal preferences and your communication style. It’s difficult to say whether Twitter or Facebook result on better leads, because this is highly dependant on how you use them and who is your particular audience. However, if you know what kind […]

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How to Plan a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn have monthly traffic statistics closing around the 10 million unique visitors per month. A good Social Media Marketing strategy can help your business tap into that potential audience, increasing not only your sales but also your engagement with clients and your brand image. However, Social Media isn’t only […]

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Confused About Affiliate Marketing Training

Video Marketing Masterclass: Employer Engagement Videos

When it comes to recruiting fresh talent, smart businesses are using strategies previously reserved for the recruitment of new clients and new business. It should come as little surprise though. After all, your employees are your most valuable assets, and finding and retaining the best staff can be as competitive as finding and retaining new […]

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