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IT Security for your Business

IT security isn’t just for major corporations, businesses of all sizes need to consider how to stay safe online. For small business owners it may not seem like a priority on the long list of things that need their attention but it is increasingly important. One concern is the private data held by businesses of […]

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3 Tips For Getting a Loan to Start Your Small Business

It is true that the economic downturn has lead to a decrease in the number of small business loans accepted by banks, but it’s worth remembering that in many cases the loan application failed because the future business owner failed to make a solid case for their business ideas. If a bank knows that they […]

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Why Your Small Business Should Consider Leasing Equipment Rather Than Buying It

Leasing has become a popular way for small businesses to procure equipment in a cost-effective way. You can lease equipment instead of purchasing it, by entering a contract with an equipment provider on which you have a right to use the equipment for your business, but without owning it outright. You are, in fact, renting […]

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PPC Search Engine Placement – The Basics

A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is a set of ads associated with one or several keywords and demographics and a maximum bid per click for each of them. A click on the same ad can cost different amounts of money depending on the competition for the keyword that triggered it. When a user visits a website […]

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Social Network Marketing – Which Will Account for Better Leads, Twitter or Facebook?

Using Twitter or Facebook to promote your business mostly depends on your business niche, your personal preferences and your communication style. It’s difficult to say whether Twitter or Facebook result on better leads, because this is highly dependant on how you use them and who is your particular audience. However, if you know what kind […]

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